Home Early, This Soldier Improvises One Heck of a Surprise for his Mother

You know how there are those rare occasions when a lie is acceptable? For example: like if you want to plan a big surprise for someone. You want to make sure the person being surprised doesn’t know what is happening, or going to happen, so you tell them a lie to throw them off. You’re not trying to mislead them to do harm, but to give them the feeling of joy when the surprise is happy news.

This is one of those times.

A deployed Austin told his mother that he’d be coming home late. He told her that his deployment had been extended into the month of August.

His grandmother apparently had no idea either! When Austin walks around the house and into his New Jersey home’s front yard, there his grandma is. Startled, sure, but not enough to stop her from getting in on the surprise!

Check out how they surprise the heck out of Austin’s mother!

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