WWII Widow Waits Nearly Seven Decades for Answers

This story reveals the power of love, the nature of marriage, and the value of heroic military service. This woman has been waiting since WWII to hear the truth about her husband. They had been married only six weeks when he died. Then began a 68-year wait to finally find out what had happened to the man she had married and hoped to live a lifetime with.


For more than sixty years, she tried everything, including trying to get her Representative to help in the search. It was a concerned cousin that did the simplest of things that finally found out where Billy Harris was — buried in the American Cemetery at Normandy.

The irony is that her husband, Billy Harris, has been remembered as a hero in a small French village all of those years. They have named the village square after him and celebrate his heroism with a village-wide event every year.

Since she found out where Billy is, she sends flowers ten times a year to decorate his grave. It is the most decorated grave at the cemetery. She visits too. As far as anyone knows, she is the last WWII widow to still visit the cemetery.

You may have seen this story before, but it is worthy of being watched and contemplated again.

This kind of love and dedication, on the part of this long-suffering widow, and on the part of the French village, is truly amazing to witness.

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