This WWII Veteran Shares The Stories Of His Incredible Life With A Smile

Veterans have learned a lot of valuable life lessons during their time in the military, especially those who have had years of time to sift through all of their memories and reflect upon what happened to them. Stories allow for these men and women to help teach others those very same important life lessons with anyone who is willing to listen.

Many times people think they are too busy, or feel like listening to an elderly veteran won’t benefit their own lives. But they would be incredibly wrong.

A sprained ankle caused Joe Schaefer to miss the action on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. Hurt during a baseball game, the doctors kept him out of service for a few months while he healed. He tells his war stories with a smile however, and even while discussing the personal tragedies he has faced, his smile never leaves his face. Watch as Joe shares his experience and looks through old familiar photographs of his time serving our country.

Hear more of Joe’s story below and listen to all of the things he has learned!

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