WWII Veteran Waited Six Decades For His Medals

WWII Veteran Carl Will never received his due medals after being honorably discharged from service. That was more than six decades ago, and that was far too long for his grandson to take.

Carl Will’s grandson, Matt Skillman, made it his mission to ensure that his brave grandpa got his due! But that was going to turn out to be a much harder task that he originally imagined.

The biggest complication was that — while no one was disputing Will’s service — a fire in a records building years earlier had destroyed much of Will’s service records. Determining his due medals seemed impossible, or very nearly.

Congressman Bill Johnson got involved in the hunt for Will’s service records and medals, and through other documents they were able to put together an accurate account of his service in World War II. That resulted in seven medals, including the Purple Heart, Distinguished Service Medal, and a World War II Victory Medal.

After all of Skillman’s hard efforts to honor his grandfather, Rep. Johnson was able to present the medals to Carl Will 67 years after he had earned them.

Watch the full story in the video below!

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