WWII Vet Knits More Than 400 Hats For The Salvation Army

The generation that fought in World War II was a tough group. We sometimes look back on those days and think of how much they went through, yet they did it in style.

Although many of those who fought in WWII are now gone, a few remain and they still show us what a hero can do.

For one of those veterans, 96-year-old Tom Cornish, it was a hobby that really showed what he was made of. His daughter gave him a kit to knit his own hats when the pandemic first started and he hasn’t looked back since.

Photo: YouTube/KARE 11

In fact, he had already passed the 400 hat mark by the time 2020 was over, at times, knitting up to 2 hats per day.

He also helped others at the senior living center where he lives to have a passion for knitting. It isn’t the first thing we might think about when we imaging a WWII Navy veteran with 5 children doing, but it was his passion.

Photo: YouTube/KARE 11

He also did more than knit for himself. After all, how many knitted hats does a man need?

He gives them away for the benefit of the Salvation Army in his local area.

Photo: YouTube/KARE 11

You can see more about this amazing man in the following video:

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