Lost Rolls of Film Get Developed, Show Incredible Glimpse Of WWII

Over half a century ago, a soldier in World War II took 31 rolls of film while fighting through Europe. He never developed a single one. However, those 31 rolls of old film found their way to The Rescued Film Project where they were painstakingly restored, developed, and are now being seen for the first time. The photographs show remarkable glimpses of the soldiers’ lives during the war, and are now preserved for generations of people to see.

Without knowing what condition the photographs would be in, or even if they could still be developed at all, The Rescued Film Project set out to develop the historic rolls of film. There was some water damage and rust on the reels, which did not bode well for the task, which was already challenging given the age of the film. But the chance of success was too much to pass on.

In the video below, The Rescued Film Project gives a behind-the-scenes look at the entire project, from first obtaining the 31 rolls of film to the delicate process (bordering on art itself) of bringing the images to life for the very first time. Watch the entire video to see how the process was done and hear about the significance of the project. The photos themselves are shown shortly after the 5:45 mark in the video.

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