Facts about World War II You Probably Were Not Taught In School

Needless to say, you could spend ten years learning as much as possible about all sorts of different facets of World War II, and there’s a good chance you still wouldn’t know everything there is to know about that time in the 20th century—”The Great Patriotic War”—as the Russians called it.

In this video, you’ll hear ten facts about World War II that are rarely talked about when the lessons of the war are taught in schools.

You’ll hear about whether the British or the Germans had better spies, how many explosives were dropped on our enemies during the war, some of the plans Japan had for battling the United States on our home soil, and even which two countries are still at war with each other!

A lot of these facts you may be hearing for the first time in your life! If so, that’s OK. Most of these facts were a surprise to us, as well, when we watched the video!

What fact surprised you the most?

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