Now Here’s Some True R&R: Reuniting and Reminiscing with WWII Buddies, Joe and Max

World War II veterans Max Massey, 94, and Joseph Beale, 91, are close. And when I say close, I mean in only a way that combat veterans can be close.

They were part of the 58th Air Service Group, stationed throughout the Pacific.

Seventy years after the events, not only are they able to recall precisely what happened, but they’re able to go on and finish one another’s sentences and stories.

They smile at some memories. They tear up at others. And it’s almost synchronized. It’s almost like they’re brothers. This is remarkable…beyond remarkable, actually, when considering the last time they’d seen each other was October 19th, 1945.

The connection these two combat buddies have is a sign of a forever friendship. We know that when you are in a tough situation, your friends are those that have your back. In a war, your friends are those who are with you in battle…and your connection with them will be there forever.

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