This Soldier Must Have Some Of The Best Luck In The World

In this day and age there are plenty of things that can go wrong at any moment. So when a military troop is going through its precision paces and making sure everyone is doing everything as perfectly as possible, there are A LOT of things that could go wrong.

While getting ready for their shooting drills, one particular soldier’s trigger finger got a little bit more itchy than usual and ended up firing his weapon a little earlier than the rest of his troop. The problem with an early shot is that the soldier in the front row isn’t ready for it!

Well, this particular man must have a rabbit’s foot, some lucky charms, a four leaf clover, and whatever else gives good luck inside of his pockets because the only thing that happens is quite the shock.

This guy may need to start buying lottery tickets because his luck is off the charts!

Check out the crazy video below.

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