Teenager Convinces Local Mayor To Honor Combat Wounded Vets With Better Parking

Jaxon Grauel is just 13 years old, but he understands the meaning of service more than most.

The Crest Memorial School student spent his winter motivating his mayor to help combat wounded service veterans. Because of Jacob’s time and effort, these citizens now have better access to local stores and services.

It all started with a photo from New Jersey.

Source: Offutt Air Force Base
Jaxon Grauel’s father, Jim Graule, found a parking spot reserved for combat wounded veterans in New Jersey.

While traveling in the Garden State, Jaxon’s father took a picture of a similar sign along the street.

I asked him why don’t we have them?,” Jaxon told ABC. “My dad said, ‘I have no clue. You should email the mayor.'”

Jaxon emailed his mayor. Jaxon emailed the neighboring towns, too.

Source: Air force Personnel Center
The signs designate accessible areas for combat wounded veterans.

The mayors of Wildwood Crest, North Wildwood and Wildwood each responded, and the Borough of Wildwood Crest Board of Commissioners passed a new ordinance. Now, each municipality recognizes Purple Heart recipients with reserved parking signs at the site of the old Wildwood Crest library at Wisteria Road and Ocean Avenue.

The board gave Jaxon credit for the ordinance, and recognized Ma href=”https://6abc.com/5308223/” target=”_blank”>his family’s history of military service as he presented the combat wounded warrior reserved parking sign to Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano.

“I am beyond proud of my son Jaxon and his ‘if not me then who’ mindset,” said Jim Grauel, Jaxon’s father.

According to ABC, Jaxon’s father is a firefighter, his mother is a police officer, his aunt is a member of the National Guard, his grandfathers, Bill Grauel and Wesley Wright, are military veterans. Bill Grauel is also a Purple Heart recipient.

Learn more in the video below.

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