One of the Best: Watch Whitney Houston Sing The National Anthem

At the dawn of 1991, America was in a recession, at war in the Gulf, and low on hope…until the opening of Super Bowl XXV.

That’s when a young Whitney Houston moved the world with her performance of “The Star Spangled Banner”.

Her innocent joy and pitch-perfect patriotism reminded us of our pride in America all over again.

This is the Whitney we’ll always remember, the Whitney who lifted an entire nation and filled our hearts with hope.

Her performance, over 15 years old, is still considered to be the best performance of the National Anthem at a Super Bowl. While others have done their versions of the National Anthem, there is something to be said about Whitney Houston singing the National Anthem at this moment in time.

It is almost like lightning in a bottle. To say this is one of Whitney Houston’s greatest performance ever broadcast throughout the world, this one is a true contender for that top honor.

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