“When I Get Home” – Joshua Adams & His Band

This video, “When I Get Home”, is the product of many people. The vocals and the music are performed by Joshua Adams, and his band and is dedicated to the troops of Tiger Squadron, 3rd Armored, Cavalry Regiment, which operated out of COS Kalsu, Iraq. It was directed and edited by Andy Mazeika, who was deployed with this unit and filmed the material you see here.

Special thanks go also to Max Adams, the brother of Joshua Adams. The video is a clear depiction of the hardships endured and the courage of those who fight on our behalf. It begins by showing these regular guys and their families back home, communicating intimately with each other through the blessings of modern technology. It is filled with the daily concerns of family and the palpable desire to once again be home and in each other’s presence. All of this is juxtaposed with the images of war that these soldiers know only too well. This is a great music video dedicated to all who stand in the way of danger to protect our priceless freedoms.

Check out more of Joshua’s great music on his YouTube Channel! And learn more about Andy’s videos at The Veterans Site.

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