Heroic Homeless Person Saves A Woman From Drowning When Her Wheelchair Rolled Into A Lake

Not the glittering weapon fights the fight, but rather the hero’s heart.

No one was expecting an accident to happen that late afternoon. The sun had just set, and the surroundings at the Windsor Lakes Apartments in Virginia Beach were as lovely and tranquil as everybody had always enjoyed.

Kevin Nizer, a U.S. Navy veteran, was relaxing on the balcony when his attention was caught by some perturbance in the lake.

Photo: YouTube/WAVY TV 10
TV Reporter Kara Dixon interviews Kevin Nizer about the near-drowning incident in Virginia Beach involving a female wheelchair user.

“I take a double look and see a set of legs and immediately the cry for help. When you hear that cry, it’s so gut-wrenching. You don’t want to see it again,” Nizer told WAVY TV 10.

A woman was yelling for help; her wheelchair had accidentally rolled down the hill into the lake.

A Gorgeous Thing to See a Community in Action

Arriving at the scene, Nizer was thankful that a lot of people were already there to help in the rescue. The woman was trapped by her wheelchair and starting to drown. They carefully pulled her out of the water, and Nizer wrapped her with some blankets.

Photo: YouTube/WAVY TV 10
Nizer talks about the homeless man who was the first to rescue the drowning female victim.

Another neighbor, who has worked as a nurse, also attended to the victim.

“The show of community in all of this chaos of the world we live in was just a gorgeous thing to see,” Nizer said proudly.

A Hero Without a Home, But He Definitely Has a Big Heart

Yet the memory that really stands out for Nizer was the sight of the homeless man who was lying breathless on the sidewalk after the rescue. It was he who first came to the woman’s aid, jumping into the cold water and exerting his utmost effort to lift the wheelchair that had her trapped so she could breathe.

Photo: YouTube/WAVY TV 10
Bradley Glover is the homeless hero who saved the disabled woman from drowning.

The man is Bradley Glover, one of the many homeless persons in Virginia Beach. He was at a friend’s apartment when they witnessed the accident. He did not think twice about saving the woman from the chilly lake.

“I just did it. Instincts,” he admitted to WAVY TV 10. “My whole body shut down completely. I was able to hold the wheelchair out of the water.”

Glover left his own fate to God as he did his best to save the woman’s life, something he had never done before. Luckily, others arrived to help.

Photo: YouTube/WAVY TV 10

But, to Nizer, Glover is a true hero, and he wishes that people would start looking at homeless people with more compassion.

“To see him as soon as it happened, to see him laid out on the sidewalk completely exhausted — he didn’t even have a meal for [himself] that day. For as many things I saw in the military, it was life-changing for me. That man allowed her to breathe.”

Indeed, you cannot judge a hero by outside appearance but only by his heart.

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