This Family Is About To Experience The Greatest Surprise!

It is an overcast Saturday afternoon in early October of 2014. On this day, the family of Taylor Sutphin, once a West Virginia University student, is out and attending the homecoming football game of Taylor’s Alma Mater. Meanwhile, Taylor is stationed in Guam with the rest of her USAF (United States Air Force) unit.

Or so her family thinks…

Watch the touching moment where Taylor walks onto the field to greet her family members, who are overcome with joy and emotion at the sight of her. Their reunion is so sweet and so beautiful, you might want to grab a tissue before hitting play on this video!

I always love to see homecoming videos. It’s hard to be oceans and countries apart from your loved ones, but that’s also what makes the reunions so incredibly, wonderfully, beautifully magical and sweet!

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