See The Moment West Point Students Lives Are Changed Forever

This video is about what the first day is like for the new cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. You will see the kind of candidates that are entering the Military Academy today and get somewhat of a sense of what it is that they have signed up for as future leaders in the United States Army.

This is a unique experience and it is not open to just anyone. The qualifications are mentioned by the Director of Admissions during the video. You will see that more and more women are entering the Academy these days as well. The class of 2022 is 24% women.

Besides seeing who they are and what kind of students they need to be to get into the Academy, you will see that this is not just a university, but a real introduction into Army life.

Source: YouTube/Business Insider
When students enter West Point, their lives are changed.

You will see what happens to these new Cadets on their first day. Though most of these new Cadets will spend four years at West Point as student like at any other university, West Point is not just any other university. As well as a highly respected academic institution, these candidates are also entering military service in the United States Army.

Source: YouTube/Business Insider
West Point is a highly-respected university and military academy.

This first day is not unlike the first day of any boot camp experience. After saying their good byes to their families, they suddenly find themselves entering and entirely new atmosphere. They begin their the first day of their inculcation into Army and military culture with the shouting of orders from senior cadets and the males get their first “buzz cut” haircuts and they are supplied with their first uniforms. They get the first taste of military discipline and regimen that will be their common environment for the next four years.

Source: YouTube/Business Insider
Students at West Point train to be Army soldiers, as well as study their chosen field.

Along with all of their responsibilities as students and student athletes, these new Cadets will be trained in the military arts and will build the self-discipline and leadership qualities necessary to be the best Army officers they can be.

Source: YouTube/Business Insider
West Point has a long history of training Army officers.

Enjoy this brief look into the campus of The United States Military Academy at West Point. It is a beautiful campus, but it is also the oldest continuously manned military instillation in the country. Its traditions go all the way back to shortly after the nation’s founding.

The Veterans Site congratulates all of those who have been accepted into the Cadet Corps of the United States Military Academy at West Point this year. We wish you great success in becoming the future officer corps of this nation’s great military heritage.

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