A Soldier Does Not Give Up! See This 47-Year-Old’s Amazing Transformation!

Arthur was a paratrooper in the Gulf War, and bravely fought and sacrificed for his country. However, he became injured after too many falls took a toll on his knees and back, and his doctors told him that he’d never walk unassisted again. For 15 years, no one had the confidence that he could do it. No one believed in him, including himself. Arthur gained more and more weight, and exercise seemed impossible.

That all changed when he hit 47. He met a yoga instructor who didn’t give up on him, and it changed his life. Determined to better his lifestyle, Arthur started doing workouts and stayed motivated no matter how many times he fell.

Now he’s in incredible shape! It’s amazing how a little support and Arthur’s drive to succeed proved all the naysayers wrong. His story is one of true strength and determination!

We want to thank all of our troops for all the sacrifices they’ve made. We appreciate everything you’ve done for our country.

Learn more about Arthur’s amazing weight loss story below!

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