I Can’t Stop Crying…This is the Greatest First Dance I’ve Ever Seen. To Joey and Michelle, You Inspire Us All

Sgt. Joey Johnson served a 10-month tour in Afghanistan. Upon his return, he suffered from symptoms of PTSD, which not only led to his decision to take up motorcycle riding, but it also eventually led to him meeting his future wife, Michelle.

Months after meeting Michelle, an unfortunate event would change Joey forever. He got into a motorcycle accident that paralyzed him from the chest down.  Michelle stayed by his side, through thick and thin.

And, on their wedding day, Joey had a surprise for Michelle. With the help of his friends, Joey was determined to have a traditional first dance with his wife, which included installing a special harness that allowed him to stand on the ballroom floor.

This is just so beautiful. Try to watch this one without needing to grab a tissue afterwards.

Watch their emotional first dance as husband and wife!

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