Watching and Waiting for My Returning Hero

My husband was in Afghanistan on a 12 month tour and he was finally coming home on Labor Day weekend, arriving in Fort Polk at 8pm. I drove to Fort Polk from Houston and arrived at the hotel he arranged for us. At 5:30pm as I started to get ready I got a phone call from him saying their flight had been delayed and wouldn’t arrive until 5am the next morning.

When the time arrived I went on post and waited in a gym full of families and friends of the entire unit. As we waited they showed a slideshow of the returning soldiers. Then someone got on the microphone to say they had just gone through the gate and would be arriving soon. After the announcement was made a video of them getting off the plane started to play.

As it finished the unit marched in, and when they released them I looked around for my husband. I felt a tap on my shoulder and whipped around — and there he was standing behind me. He immediately wrapped his arms around me. It was one of the happiest moments of my life!

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