“Warrior Monk” General James Mattis Gets Married

Social media was buzzing a couple of days ago with the news of a surprising bit of gossip about one of the most famous and beloved Marines of recent times, retired Marine Corps General and former Defense Secretary, James “Mad Dog” Mattis.

What was the surprise? The career Marine and lifelong bachelor has gotten married. Mattis served his entire career in the Marine Corps and as Sec. Def., a bachelor who dedicated himself entirely to the Corps. He was known as a superior tactician and a beloved leader. He was a Marine’s Marine. But he was also known as a scholar who encourages his officers to read, even giving them reading lists. Because of this and because he was a bachelor, he was given one of his many nicknames “the Warrior Monk,” by those who he led and by those who observed his leadership style.

Photo: Flickr/U.S. Secretary of Defense

Mattis was known for his directness and his colorful Marine Corps way with words. You never missed his meaning. Marines love to quote some of his pithy phrasings. One of his physical gestures has become part of Marine Corps lore and practice as well. It’s called the “knife hand.” Its meaning is also clear and can be used in many contexts.

Photo: Picryl

Well, Mattis surprised everybody this week when word got out that he had gotten himself hitched. He met his wife, Christina Lomasney, at a bar. She is a physicist who works for the Pacific Northwest Laboratory in his hometown of Richland, WA. Lomasney and Mattis, a lifelong Catholic, were married by a priest at a ceremony along the Columbia River in Richland, then went to Las Vegas for their honeymoon, and they also went to the Little Church of the West, where they did the thing all over again with an Elvis impersonator.

The Veterans Site congratulates Retired General James Mattis and his bride Christina Lamosney on their marriage and wishes them much happiness. Semper Fi! And OooRah!

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