Newly Commissioned Air Force Officer Honored By Grandfather Who Is Older Than The Air Force Itself

When Walter Kloc served in the Army during WWII, the U.S. Air Force had yet to be created. Now 101, Kloc is one of the last WWII veterans alive to commission a descendant at an Air Force Academy graduation ceremony.

In May 2019, Kloc flew from Amherst, New York, to Colorado to commission his grandson, Joseph Kloc, at the culmination of the ceremony. As Task and Purpose reports, this is likely one of the last times a WWII vet will ever take part in such an honor.

Source: Facebook/US Air Force Academy
Walter Kloc traveled from Amherst, New York, to Colorado to commission his grandson as an Air Force officer.

That fact is not lost to the elder Kloc, whose wife Virginia told WGRZ that he was “Absolutely thrilled and excited” to take part in the ceremony.

“I’m so excited for him,” said Joseph’s father, and Walter’s son, William. “He’s fulfilling his dream, and he was so excited that his Grandfather…World War Two, Air Force, bombardier, pilot, could come and commission him.”

Source: Facebook/US Air Force Academy
Three generations of Klocs celebrated at the Air Force graduation ceremony.

Walter Kloc was born and raised in Michigan, where he spent most of his post-WWII years working for General Motors. He retired in the 1980s, and now that he has more time to spend with his family, he’s more than happy to do so.

Kloc told WGRZ he wanted to “Congratulate [Joseph] on his great work and what he’s done and wish him a good future.”

Source: Facebook/US Air Force Academy
Walter Kloc served in WWII, before the Air Force was even created.

It’s clear from the US Air Force Academy photos that he did just that!

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