Pastor Turned Walmart Greeter Honors Veterans With Singing

Shoppers at the Walmart store in Chardon, Ohio always get a cheerful, bright greeting as they enter the store from retired pastor Freddy Davison. As a Walmart greeter, Davison make a point of catching everyone as they walk in to say hello and make them feel welcomed. For an veterans who enter the store on Davison’s shift, though, there’s an extra treat for them.

Freddy Davison used to be a pastor, but retired after he was seriously injured in 1998 in a head-on collision. These days he reaches people with a smile and a positive attitude while sitting in his chair at the front of Walmart.

“When you’re sitting in a chair, it kind of disarms people in general and you know, with the kids you’re at eye level,” Davison told WKYC. “I actually have found this to be an advantage not a disadvantage.”

With that attitude, he helps spread some joy to shoppers and strangers throughout his day.

Screenshot/WKYC Channel 3

For veterans and members of the military, however, Freddy Davison goes the extra mile. Whenever a veteran or service member enters the Walmart in Ohio where he works, Davison thanks them personally, then stands up from his wheelchair to honor their service with his gifted voice.

The American flag is hung at the front of the store near Davison’s entrance, and he sings the Star Spangled Banner for those veterans. His voice is booming and amazing, and it can be heard throughout the entire store when he sings.

Screenshot/WKYC Channel 3

“You can feel everything go from a busy store for just those two minutes, to complete stillness,” Davison told WKYC.

The veterans appreciate what Davison does for them, showing respect and honor for their service and sacrifice.

“Their service matters. Their life and sacrifice matters. And I want to make sure they know they are honored,” Davison said.

Watch this amazing video below and hear him sing!

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