91-Year-Old Veteran Had Nobody To Talk To, So His Server Ate With Him On His Break

It happened in a Pennsylvania restaurant – A young waiter was taking his break and decided to do something a little different. There happened to be a 91-year-old war veteran in the restaurant that day, and he sat down at his table for a visit. Another customer took a picture and posted it on social media. It is going viral for all the right reasons.

Within two days, some 200,000 likes to the picture appeared. It was taken on August 18 by Lisa Meilander at the Eat’n Park in Belle Vernon.

“The elderly gentleman was seated in the booth directly across from my family as we ate dinner Saturday night,” Meilaner wrote in her Facebook post. “We really didn’t see him come in. But we did notice when our server, Dylan, dropped to one knee to look him eye-to-eye as he got ready to take his order.”

Not much is known about the older man, but they do call him Frank. He had a hard time with his hearing and didn’t bring his hearing aids. He began talking about how he had lost his hearing during the war.

“Eventually the man apologized for talking so much,” said Meilander. “‘I’m alone now,’ he said, ‘and I don’t often have someone to talk to.’ Dylan smiled and said he enjoyed listening. He then helped him figure out what to order and left to take it to the kitchen.”

Dylan Tetil, the waiter, asked if he could sit with the man while he ate. Tetil talked to WTAE and said his actions were ‘just normal’. He added they were ‘what everyone should be doing’.

He said that the customer was very emotional. “He was almost crying when he was talking to me, when he was talking about the war. It just really hit a soft spot in my heart, honestly.”

Tetil revealed later on Facebook that he was ignoring any negative or jealous comments.

“At the end of the day, I don’t care,” he wrote. “I treat every individual I wait on / come into contact with just like that older gentleman. You treat me with respect you get it back, always been like that.”

Meilander told Good Morning America, “It was such a sweet interaction-I wanted to acknowledge Dylan for his compassion.”

“I am totally amazed at the response to my photos and story.”

She said that the moment made her have faith in the values of young people again.

“With all of the negative stories about our youth today this was a breath of fresh air. I wonder if I would have been as kind and attentive if I were the one working there.”

Meilander tried to pay for his dinner but another customer had already done so.

“As we left the restaurant the two of them were conversing and many people seated nearby were smiling,” she wrote. “It was a touching sight.”

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