Why Is This Marine’s Wedding Photo Going Viral?

When you have a solider in your life, every time they’re home is precious. To some it’s as precious as their wedding day. But what happens when a soldier gets married during Memorial Day weekend? PURE JOY!

Dwayne Schmidt took a photograph of U.S. Marine Cpl. Caleb Earwood and his bride, Maggie, on their wedding day and the Internet responded with the fullness of their hearts. But it’s not just the photo that has captured Americans’ hearts. It’s the story behind it…

Via Facebook.com/dwayne.schmidtphotography

Everyone gets the wedding day jitters, and on this particular day, Cpl. Earwood wanted to pray with his wife before the ceremony. In order to preserve the wedding day tradition of not seeing the bride before the ceremony, Cpl. Earwood was guided to the cabin where Maggie was getting ready.

They found each other’s hands around the corner of the stairs and Cpl. Earwood began to pray.

He prayed for their marriage to be strong as his soon-to-be bride held back tears on the other side of the corner from him. Even though the two couldn’t see each other, they could feel their emotions flooding through the room.

Dwayne Schmidt captured the moment and posted it on Facebook, where the photo was shared and passed around to people all over the country. It’s such a touching moment, so beautifully encapsulated in a single image. It says so much about love, about being a part of the military, and about true love in all of its forms. In this moment, so much is expressed between this young couple. They can’t see each other but the love between them is palpable.

True love exists, it’s just rarely captured so beautifully in a single picture.

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