Military Wife And 3 Year Old Daughter Overcome By Raw Emotion In Viral Homecoming Video

Whenever as service member deploys overseas, they sacrifice a lot. They are risking their safety and their lives for their country each and every day. But the loved ones back home sacrifice too, in the form of worry, separation and anxiety. Together, both military personnel and their loved ones sacrifice precious time spent apart.

Every time a member of the Armed Forces returns safely home is a great moment, but rarely are those moments seen by the majority of the population. Our men and women in uniform deploy overseas and return with little fanfare, except what their families and loved ones give.

Trinity Campos, an Army wife and mother, recently shared a video on Facebook of herself and 3-year-old daughter Aria showing the nine months that their soldier — Spc. Bryan Campos — was on deployment and the joyful reunion at his eventual homecoming. And the raw emotion in the video has made it instantly go viral!

Screenshot: YouTube/Trinity Campos

U.S. Army Spc. Bryan Campos was deployed for nine months with the 1st Cavalry Division, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade out of Fort Hood. During that time, Bryan’s wife, Trinity, and their 3-year-old girl began to miss him a lot. So Trinity decided to start recording some moments over time between the two of them, leading up to their soldier’s return home.

One of the most precious things for young Aria was “daddy bear,” a teddy bear in a soldier’s uniform that she began carrying with her all the time to remind her of her dad.

“While I was home, daddy bear was just a little teddy bear on the wall, but then when I left it became a little bit of security,” Bryan told KXXV.

Screenshot: YouTube/Trinity Campos

The emotional video gives an emotion look at how much the loved ones of service members go through during deployments — the separation, the waiting, and the anxiety. The Army family missed their soldier husband/father more every day, but each day they knew he was a little closer to coming back home to them.

At the end of the video, Trinity and young Aria are finally reunited with Spc. Bryan Campos as he, and the rest of his unit, return home safely to Fort Hood. The joy shared between all three as they see each other for the first time in nearly a year is so palpable it can be felt no matter how many times you watch the video — and you’ll want to watch this one more than once!

Welcome home, soldier. May all the men and women overseas return home just as safe!

See why this has gone viral by watching the video below!

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