The True Meaning Behind Vietnam Veterans Day, March 29

Vietnam Veterans Day, March 29th, the nation will quietly celebrate National Vietnam Veterans Day, but most of the nation may not even know that fact. After all, it is a new idea and it is not one of the big national holidays like Memorial Day or Veterans Day with a three-day weekend attached to it.

We Vietnam veterans are honored that such a day has been set aside. Though it may go unnoticed by most, that makes little difference to we who served in Vietnam. We know who we are. We remember only too well those we served with and those who did not come home with us.

We are proud of our service and of our brotherhood.

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Vietnam Veterans Day is observed on March 29.

These two videos will speak loudly about the war we fought and how we feel about the service we gave to our country.

Just listen to the voices of these fellow Vietnam veterans. Hear their words. Look at the images in the shorter film. They, too, speak loudly.

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The U.S. Department of Defense maintains that 58,220 U.S. service members were killed in the Vietnam War.

Decades later, there is no need for commentary, one way or the other. We have heard all of it, absorbed it, and survived it, and moved on from it. Besides, such musings are moot. History has already left the divisions and the underlying pro or con feelings about our war far behind.

To my fellow Vietnam veterans:

Let us hold one another in thought on this Vietnam Veterans Day.

Let us give thanks for our lives and our memories, and let us remember our brothers and sisters that fell there and whose names scar the polished black granite face of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Let us remember the nurses who served and healed and nurtured us when we were sick or wounded. Some of them are on that wall too.

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On Vietnam Veterans Day, we honor those who served in this brutal war.

All of you can be proud that you served honorably, that your valor and your efforts are remembered among the highest traditions in U.S. military history. You did not shirk your duty, and your sacrifices are remembered.

You served your country well.

The Veterans Site joins the nation in celebrating this Vietnam Veterans Day, March 29.

We say to all of you, “Thank you for your service, and Welcome Home!

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