National Vietnam Veterans Day, 2022

Honor! Respect! And welcome home!

March 29th has been set aside as a day to remember all those who served in Vietnam. There is nothing to say here that is not said better by the images you will see in this video honoring this year’s National Vietnam Veterans Day. It is all here. And each of us who served there will have memories that will come back to us through these images.

Photo: YouTube/National Vietnam War Veterans Day 2022

Our war was unlike any other war in our history. But it was divisive back home, and, because of this, we were often treated very differently than returning veterans from other wars. We were not welcomed home with parades in honor of our courage and sacrifices for the country. But our courage and sacrifices were as true and heroic as those of veterans from any of the other wars American veterans have fought and sacrificed in throughout our nation’s history.

Photo: YouTube/National Vietnam War Veterans Day 2022

We had to fight another kind of war when we came home, a war for our own dignity in the face of societal condemnation. We had to fight against the demons and memories of war without the aid of the VA for a long time after the war was over. The traditional veterans groups, like the VFW or the American Legion, would not recognize us as veterans for a long time. Many here at home often treated us like pariahs.

Photo: YouTube/National Vietnam War Veterans Day 2022

But with the same kind of courage we displayed on the battlefield, we worked, we married, we raised families, and we carried on, even with the often unresolved baggage of combat in the various forms of PTSD. We fought those battles too, and we survived them, and we prevailed.

As a fellow Vietnam veteran, I say to you, my brother and sister Vietnam veterans; You are the best of our generation. Welcome Home!

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