Vietnam Vet Reunites With Best Friend From War After Spending 52 Years Looking For Him

Harold Lockett was just 20 years old when he was drafted into the military. He served in Vietnam for a year and unfortunately went through a lot of traumatic experiences, which left him wanting to block out Vietnam from his memory to the best of his ability.

Although he always used to keep his feelings bottled up, he recently found that sharing stories from his time in Vietnam has actually helped him begin to heal.

One of those stories included his old friend and fellow soldier Prentice Boyd Sr. who he had met in Vietnam. The two of them hit it off right away and became close during the war.

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All these years later, he still has a photo of him and Boyd together during the war, which he showed to his daughter, Kiva.

Lockett recalls his final memories of Boyd, and remembers a day of danger and explosions. While he never knew what happened to his friend, he has always kept memories of him in his heart.

Kiva knew how much Boyd meant to her father, so she went on a mission to track him or his family down. She searched the Internet, social media, and VA databases. Since her dad didn’t even know if Boyd made it out of Vietnam alive, it made her search even harder.

Photo: YouTube/WLWT

She eventually came across a man on LinkedIn who was from Texas like Boyd was and had the same last name. It turns out that Boyd is the man’s father, and luckily, he is still alive.

Kiva and Boyd’s father arranged a call between the long lost best friends.

“It was just tears. It was just tears, tears. Man, I’m so grateful. It’s so good to hear your voice,” Lockett said. “I always cared about him. It’s bittersweet because he sounds pretty sad. I’m overjoyed. I am overjoyed. This is the best I’ve ever been in my life.”

Photo: YouTube/WLWT

The two were able to catch up and fill each other in on their lives after the war. They are both thrilled that they were able to reconnect after all these years.

Lockett says he hopes his story will encourage other veterans to share their stories more often, even if it is difficult at first.

Watch their touching story in the video below:

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