This Vietnam Veteran Shared His Incredible Story Of Sacrifice, Combat, And Coping

Many military veterans had to go to hell and back, regardless of what battles they found themselves. But for many, living with those battles, the people they saw sacrifice themselves for the greater good, the enemies they encountered, and so much more continue to live on inside of their minds.

Sometimes telling those stories allow veterans the chance to show the world what they experienced and how difficult it was for them in the past, and how it is still difficult today.

One such man is Vietnam veteran Bill Otterlei.

Bill Otterlei was drafted into the Vietnam war when he was only 18 years old. He and his fellow soldiers had to learn and adapt to the combat lifestyle quickly and with very little training. Bill is now the facilities officer for the San Jose Vietnam memorial. He says it helps him to remember all of the special people he served with during his time overseas.

Learn more about Bill’s experience below and listen to his incredible journey.

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