Let’s Start Getting Our Facts Straight About The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War began 50 years ago. The veterans of that war who came home have continued to serve the nation with their intelligence, skills, and dedication. They were never defeated by the enemy and they were not defeated by the rejection they received on their arrivals back to “the world.” This video gives you facts about those who fought in that war.

Even today you run into people who claim that it was a war fought by draftees, but this was not true. Most who fought were volunteers. They were older and more educated on average than those who fought in other wars. They conducted themselves with bravery and honor. Over 97 percent were honorably discharged.

And they were not alone.

Most do not realize that we had allies fighting with us. Australian, Korea, the Philippines; others fought as well. The allies lost over 5,000 of their sons in the war.

These veterans made huge contributions to society on their return to civilian life. This little 5-minute video will erase a lot of the misconceptions about the Vietnam War and its veterans. It is a simple, informative, and respectful document in honor of Vietnam veterans. These veterans are remembered for who they were and for their contributions to us all. It is my great honor to be one of them.

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