This Is Something Most Combat Vets Have Had To Do. (Warning! Explicit Content!)

These vets open up about what it was like for them the first time they had to kill somebody in battle. From Vietnam vets to vets from Operation Enduring Freedom, it’s never easy. You can see the memories and emotions flood back to them and how it has stuck with them through the years.

“I could see a silhouette….I blasted him. Silhouettes. Not real people. Just targets.” –Lonnie

“You don’t shoot women and children on the battlefield, but we were just so in the moment – we watched her pick up the machine gun and that was the cue. We just lit her up. Every second, every small little detail of that exact moment. I can tell you what the dust felt like, how the air tasted on my breathe. Every little detail.” — Josh

“If there’s a hell, that’s probably what it smells like there. It penetrates you and it just doesn’t go away for a very long time.” — Dan

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