Kinessa Johnson Defended Us In Afghanistan, And Now She’s Saving Lives For A Different Cause!

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It’s no secret that highly trained and capable men and women come back from tours overseas without job prospects. Veteran Ryan Tate saw this and decided to turn his passion for animals into an opportunity for veterans. Vetpaw came out of his desire to help animals and vets, using his training and the skills of this fellow vets to hunt down and stop poachers from driving even more species to the brink of extinction.

Enter Kinessa Johnson.


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A veteran that served four years in the Army as a weapons instructor and mechanic, which included a tour in Afghanistan, Johnson now helps to train park rangers in Africa on how to track and subdue poachers. While the focus is on non-lethal measures, Johnson and her team come prepared with more advanced weaponry and superior training. They may try to avoid engagement, but they certainly don’t shy away from it.


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In addition to stopping poachers, Vetpaw helps educate communities on conservation and the environmental impact their actions can have on the animal populations. Their efforts have, according to Tate and Johnson, significantly reduced the presence of poachers in areas Vetpaw is known to patrol. While Vetpaw only employs former veterans in the field due to their extraordinary training and experience, their website offers numerous ways to volunteer and show support.

With veterans like Johnson taking up arms against poaching, anyone trying to make money off the destruction of endangered species is in for a scary wake up call.

Vetpaw isn’t the only organization looking to help unemployed vets. There are ways you can help bring the kind of training and assistance to veterans, because no veteran should be out of work when they come home.

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