Gulf War Veteran Gets Surprised With Gift

Tony Hawkins is a disabled Gulf War veteran, who returned from the battlefield with PTSD. This led him down a dark path of depression and ultimately left him bound to a wheelchair.

That’s when Hawkins got involved with the local VFW post, and their Canines 4 Warriors program. The group pairs dogs with veterans to improve their lives, their emotional state, and their overall well-being. One weekend, Hawkins thought he was attending another training seminar for his dog with fellow veterans from the VFW group.

However, as you’ll see in the video below, Hawkins received the surprise of a lifetime from his fellow veterans!

Thanks to Mountain Ford, a car dealership in Bryson City, and the group Canines 4 Warriors, Tony now is the proud owner of a van that he can drive, even with his wheelchair!

The van gives him a new lease on life, providing the opportunity to get around on his own.

See the surprise — and the joy on his face — in the video below!

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