Man Reunites With His Old Army Buddy 58 Years Later Thanks To His Daughter

If you’ve ever spent time in the military, you realize how all the friends that you have during that time are friends for life.

We tend to form a very special bond, especially when we have to live with them day after day. We also realize that our lives are in each other’s hands, so it doesn’t matter where we live, we share that bond forever.

Willie is an elderly veteran who has such a friend named Ken. Even though they have been apart for more than 50 years, they still have special feelings for each other as the closest of friends.

Photo: flickr/earl Harbor Aviation Museum

Willie’s daughter, Charlotte Clifton, realized that the two of them had spent a long enough time apart. She decided to do something about it, and her efforts started in 2015.

It’s always nice when we are surprised by something that we truly appreciate. I’m sure that Willie was feeling that way after his old army buddy dropped into a gathering and he had no idea he was coming.

Photo: Facebook/Love What Matters

In order to document the event, somebody was taking a video. There was a man that opened the door and an older man came in asking for “Tex.” Nobody had called Willie that for years, as it was a nickname that he had in the Army.

Suddenly, Willie knew that something special was happening so he ran over to the door. He stood there with his mouth hanging open, unable to believe what he was seeing right in front of his face.

Photo: Facebook/Love What Matters

Even though 58 years had passed, Willie and Ken were standing together and they broke down and cried as they hugged. Through his tears, Ken said that he thought he’d never see him again.

After hugging for a moment, they backed up to look at each other as if they could not believe that they were actually standing there face-to-face. It is a moment that the family is going to treasure forever.

Photo: Facebook/Love What Matters

You also have the opportunity to treasure the moment, thanks to the video being uploaded to Facebook. Many thousands of people have viewed the video and even though they may never have met Willie or Ken before, they have cried along with them.

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