You Won’t Believe What This Veteran Is Doing

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If you’ve paid any attention at all to news headlines in recent months, you’ve heard of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, otherwise known as ISIS. You’ve probably heard reports of their violence, of their beheadings, of their reach into Western culture.

Fed up not just with ISIS’s terror tactics, but the repeated effectiveness of said tactics, United States veterans are starting to take matters into their own hands.

Brett Felton

U.S. Army veteran Brett Felton, 28, served a tour in Iraq and has voluntarily slipped back into the country. Why?


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The Michigan native has dedicated his time and efforts to the small Iraqi bands that oppose ISIS. In their villages, Felton trains them to defend themselves — how to operate as a unit, how to clear a room, how to wield the weapons they’re able to get their hands on, etc.

Via Facebook
Via Facebook

When asked why he returned, Felton was quick to admit that what drove him back to Iraq was more than a service to his country. “I’m here serving Christians,” he said.

Sean Rowe

A former U.S. Army Engineer, Sean Rowe has issued what he has called a “rally cry”. And his rally cry has been met. After making his stance against ISIS clear, Rowe has arranged for he and 22 other eager veterans to fly out of their own pocket to the Middle East. Like Brett Felton, Rowe and “Veterans Against ISIS” will be training natives in defense tactics, as well as how to provide medical support.

An interview with Sean Rowe can be seen in the following video.

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