The Secret to Re-integrating Our Veterans Into Civilian Life May Lie In Our Very Own Soil

War is intense. It is fast. It is loud. And it has no issues leaving scars on the men and women involved, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It’s these scars that have made it increasingly difficult for our veterans not only to gain and maintain employment, but to live a life that they could look at and say, “I’m happy.” More and more programs  do keep emerging, however, that assist our veterans in both employment and housing.

Sometimes, though, office jobs just may not work.  The 9 to 5 daily grind doesn’t always mesh with what our veterans are going through– the constant ringing of phones, the overwhelming pressure of deadlines, etc.

Within the past year or so, several veterans have come upon something that may be more up their alley: farming. That’s right, from Iowa, to North Carolina, to Florida, the world’s oldest profession is not only providing our veterans with a new sense of purpose, but with a new sense of calm. They’ll tell you how in the videos that follow.


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