Veterans Are Suffering With PTSD When They Return Home, But These Dolphins Are Helping Them Heal

When veterans come home from war, they deal with many mental health issues, including PTSD. There are various ways to help this disorder, but these veterans befriended dolphins to help them heal.

More than 30 veterans of the Wounded Warrior Project were invited to the Dolphin Research Center in Florida to swim with these adorable sea creatures.

“Every animal is magic, and they accept you for who you are,” Vietnam veteran Armando Rodriguez said in an interview with the Florida Keys News Bureau. “That’s a big deal for us warriors. Look, every wound is not a physical wound. There are a lot of wounds that can’t be seen, and that’s where the dolphins come in.”

The dolphins were very social and interactive and helped the warriors forget their troubles and just have a good time in the water.

Learn more about this awesome experience in the video below:

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