This Veteran Wows Us AGAIN With His Amazing Voice! You Don’t Want To Miss This!

Paul Leti brought the crowd (and judges) to their feet in his first audition on America’s Got Talent. In case you missed it, you can check it out here. This time, he comes back for the Judgement Week rounds, and impresses the judges yet again!

This 21-year-old army soldier came on during the initial stages of the show as a shy young man who found solace in his incredible singing ability. As a man who started his singing career at home in his church, he grew into someone who would comfort his fellow soldiers with his voice in the field.

While on a 9 month tour of Afghanistan, Paul would have his “battle buddies” come up to him and ask him to sing for them so that they could be transported to somewhere else by the sound of his singing. This is a man who has done wonderful service for the country and now he is sharing his incredible gift with the world.

Hear his amazing voice and story below!

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