Los Angeles Photographer Devin Mitchell Wants You to See Both Sides of the Mirror

We love the uniform. Whether we’ve been in the military or not, we do, and it doesn’t matter what branch. In fact, we’re so mesmerized by the uniforms that we sometimes forget that our troops aren’t indestructible, but that, rather, like all of us, they’re human beings.

Los Angeles-based photographer Devin Mitchell has set out to show the humanity of our veterans in his project, “The Veteran Vision Project“. In what will someday become a book, there are numerous photographs of veterans staring into a mirror. What you see are two sides to them — one image in the mirror, and one image standing before the mirror. Each side represents a different side of the veteran — the image in the uniform, and the image they see of themselves.

You’ll find six of these very photos in this post.

Ryan Miller, A1C (USAF) / Brittany Miller, SRA (USAF)  / Kaelyn Miller (Daughter)

Devin Mitchell/ Via Huffington Post

Sgt. Joanna Ellenbeck / United States Army

Devin Mitchell/ Via Huffington Post

Brad Ivanchan / 0331 Machine Gunner / United States Marine Corps

Devin Mitchell/ Via Huffington Post

In this video, photographer Devin Mitchell gives you an inside look not only into the genesis of the idea for this campaign, but into the actual photoshoots, where you’ll get to spend some time with all of the veterans that took part.

See it for yourself!


Sgt. Stephanie Roman / United States Marine Corps

Devin Mitchell/ Via Huffington Post

Chris Van Etten / Corporal/E4 / United States Marine Corps

Devin Mitchell/ Via Huffington Post

Sgt. Kyle Stewart / United States Marine Corps

Devin Mitchell/ Via Huffington Post

Truth: a skewed self-image can lead to depression.

Another truth: depression can potentially lead to suicide.

Cold hard fact: Twenty-two veterans commit suicide each and every day.

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