This Veteran Won’t Let A High Unemployment Rate Keep Him From Working!

As if high unemployment rates weren’t enough, it can be especially difficult for veterans to translate their military-acquired skills to the few trades that still are available in small towns across America. Even the training and skills learned during their time in the military are valuable, it can be a challenge to articulate all you know on a single sheet of paper.

That’s why, in returning to Alexandria, Alabama, the path (Ret.) Sgt. 1st Class Van Woodruff has taken is so inspiring. He is his own boss. Using a skill that he learned to occupy his time while in the service it’s translated into a full time occupation. Now he does acknowledge that he will not be owning a yacht anytime soon but we don’t see why he is selling himself short. With the push of small business and hand crafted items in todays market place we feel like this will be a very successful business.

Watch the video below to see how Woodruff’s creativity has kept him in business!

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