Veteran Gets Shocking Surprise Helping Woman At Grocery Store

The smallest gesture can sometimes have the biggest impact on another person’s life. A television crew learned that in an emotional way when they set out to surprise people is Las Vegas while shopping for groceries.

The Fox 5 Surprise Squad was at an Albertsons grocery store, with Dave Hall leading the team in random acts of kindness. Specifically, they were paying for people’s groceries as they finished shopping at the checkout line. Each person they helped was beyond overjoyed, and the cashiers helped point the Surprise Squad towards the people that needed help the most.

That’s when they met Stephanie, a military veteran who was buying groceries with her last $50. Dave Hall and the Surprise Squad quickly stepped in to pay for her groceries. She told the squad how she has been struggling to barely buy enough food for herself and her dogs. Standing behind her, pushing her wheelchair, was another man that the Surprise Squad soon started talking to.

Screenshot/FOX5 Las Vegas

That man, Larry, was a fellow veteran and a friend of Stephanie and her husband. Since Stephanie’s husband is a truck driver, he is often away from home and Larry steps in to help wherever he can — like taking her grocery shopping even when he doesn’t have the money to buy groceries for himself.

“I drive her everywhere she needs to go,” Larry told Fox 5. “To me, no vet should be going through what she’s going through. We didn’t want to be there [Vietnam War], but we had to do ’cause our country needed us to go.”

All that was in Larry’s basket was a candy bar and a bottle of mouthwash. It was all the Vietnam veteran could afford.

Screenshot/FOX5 Las Vegas

Dave Hall quickly saw what an inspiration the veteran was and told him it was time to start shopping. “You served us. It’s our turn to serve you now,” he said to Larry.

Emotional and grateful, Larry went through the grocery store with Dave filling up a shopping cart until it was full. Larry said he had never bought that many groceries in his entire life. While he kept saying he wanted to repay the Surprise Squad for the gift, Dave assured him he had already paid for it with his service to our country.

“Thank you guys,” said Larry. “I just don’t know what to say. Thank you.”

Watch the whole amazing story in the video below!

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