The Awesome Power of Art And Attitude In Recovery Exemplified By Wounded Veteran

Wounded veteran Peter Damon is an artist, and a good one at that. But he is an artist against all the odds. It is not what he set out to do in life. It was not his original focus.

Damon is a blue collar kind of guy. He was an electrician before going into the service and was working as a helicopter mechanic while on active duty in the service. He loved to work with his hands. But once while working on landing gear, pressurized gas in the gear exploded, instantly killing another soldier, and seriously injuring him.

He lost both hands; his right arm three inches above the elbow, and the left arm six inches below the elbow.

Those injuries would be devastating to anybody, but what was a guy who loved to work with his hands to do without hands? When asked how he deals with this reality, he simply says that injuries like this have a tendency to make you focus more.

Well, that is what he did. He took up art and does his paintings with the help of prosthetics. He uses a hook, and the art he produces is incredible.

Life is difficult. This is true for all of us, but some lives are made more difficult than others, not by design, but by circumstances, like what happened to Peter Damon. It is how we confront those difficulties that come at us unbidden in life that makes or breaks our lives. Damon is a powerful example of how we can take the difficult things that life sometimes presents to us and turn them toward something unexpected and good.

Damon could have been crushed by his injuries. He could have chosen to feel sorry for himself, or to be angry at life and the world, but he chose another path.

Source: YouTube/CBS Evening News
One of Damon’s paintings.[/caption]

While it is true that life is difficult, Peter Damon shows us that we have the ability and the power to chose to live it fully, no matter what comes our way. Attitude is everything. In his case he chose to follow beauty, and it has made all the difference.

The Veterans Site sends its respect to Peter Damon, a veteran who gives us another example of how we can be the best we can be, even when life deals us a bad hand. We thank him for his service and for his commitment to live a beautiful life.

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