Disabled Veteran Offers Free Car Repairs To Those In Need

Having a car in the US is necessary for most people since a lot of areas lack decent public transportation. With cars come a lot of costs, like maintenance costs and gas.

For those who are living paycheck-to-paycheck or in a financial tight spot, having car problems can be a big deal. Repairs can be expensive and putting off repairs can result in more damage to the car or an inoperable vehicle.

Many people rely on their cars for school, work, taking the kids to daycare, getting food, and so much more. When something happens and it’s too expensive to fix, it can be devastating. One man knows the truth behind this all too well and he decided to do something about it.

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US Veteran Adam Ely worked as a paratrooper and helicopter mechanic before retiring in 2007 with physical and mental disabilities. Adam suffers from knee pain, back pain, and PTSD, but nothing seems to hinder his giving spirit.

Knowing that he wanted to continue working and making a difference, Adam decided to open a non-profit car mechanic shop and fix people’s vehicles for free. It wasn’t going to be easy figuring out how to pay for it, but he knew it’s what he wanted to do.

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According to their website, he and his wife, veteran Toni Ely, started offering free mechanical services to those in need. They started with a toolbox in the back of a truck and would drive to those in need, but their work quickly expanded into so much more.

Now, they have a permanent shop in Choctaw, Oklahoma, and anyone can go to get their car fixed at Hard Luck Automotive Services. Their motto states: “If you can afford the parts, If I can, We will fix your car for free.”

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Speaking with BBC, Adam stated:

“I’ve never turned anyone away. It doesn’t matter about economic status, race, or creed. I don’t even care if people take advantage, I will help them, regardless.”

Adam loves helping people and finds fulfillment in making such a big difference in the lives of his community members. He’s helped single moms, people living out of their cars, and so many more. What a beautiful thing!

You can visit the Hard Luck Automotive Services website to learn more or support their work.

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