96-Year-Old Veteran Gets Recognized As A Hometown Hero

Sometimes in life, you’ll meet people that are just so kind and giving. It’s always a lucky experience to come across these gentle souls.

And one community turned around to honor their “hometown hero” for all the years of different self-less services he’s performed for both his country and community.

96-year-old retired veteran, Maj. Ray Ferman, has dedicated his whole life to being of service to others.

Photo: flickr/Fort Rucker

First, he started out in the U.S. Army before spending two decades with the U.S. Air Force. But his military duty wasn’t the end of his quest to help others.

As the elderly Ferman explained to KWTX, once he was retired from the military, he started doing what he could for his local community of Sherman, Texas.

As Ferman shared with KWTX, “Fortunately, I could serve my country, and when I got back, I was fortunate enough to have good health, and I could serve my community.” And that is precisely what he set out to do. Ferman began volunteering with the organization, Meals on Wheels, which helps to deliver food to the elderly.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Ferman got involved with the senior center and really made a difference. And he has continued to do so, right up to the age of 96. Even though he’s a senior himself, he still gets out there and continues to deliver meals to the elderly people in need across Texoma.

The Hometown Heroes Founder, Rayce Guess, said of the retired vet, “Servants heart, like it says, Jesus was a King, but he came to serve, and so Ray epitomizes that, and he’s serving even now. What more can you say about that.”

While the entire community might see him as a hero, Ferman’s opinion of himself is far from that. In fact, he has a very humble opinion of himself, saying he doesn’t do anything for recognition but rather because “I just enjoy the opportunity to be helpful.”

Photo: flickr/Amy Claxton

As for the people he encounters and helps along the way, Ferman said, “A lot of people on the routes become friends. I may not always know their last name, but I always know their first name.”

What a lovely and kind person! Ferman definitely deserves his recognition as a hometown hero!

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