The Deadline Is Here. So Why Are Veterans Still Homeless?

This video speaks to the realities of veteran homelessness that is so painfully present today. Sadly, it is an old story. The painful and nationally embarrassing problem of homelessness remains a most troubling reality for too many of our veterans today.


This is a story rife with enough guilt to cover most of society. It is a story that involves bureaucratic complexities that defy simple solutions. It includes the cold calculus of emotionless economic and budget decisions made by Congress, or the VA, or the Department of Defense. But it also involves a generalized and very real societal indifference toward our veterans. All of these have their excuses, of course, but those excuses only add to the suffering and the sense of abandonment that our homeless veterans live with every day.

Some of these veterans are struggling with the deleterious effects of battlefield injuries. Some are affected by the psychological scarring of PTSD. Many of these veterans have lost what support they may have had through family and friends because of their inability to overcome unaddressed aspects of their PTSD. In any case the fact remains that, as a society, we are failing these veterans.

One of our efforts here at the Veterans Site is to address this issue both in this venue, as well as in our efforts to feed homeless veterans. I have written articles in the past about how some cities have been very effective in forming programs to eliminate homelessness in their veteran populations. One was about how New Orleans was able to create excellent housing for homeless veterans, jobs, job training, and a system to identify any newly homeless veterans in the city on a regular basis. They were able to house every single identified homeless veteran through coordinated public/ private efforts. More of this kind of thing needs to be happening everywhere in the country.


The Veterans Site has a mission. We are trying to provide regular, healthy meals for veterans who are currently homeless. You, our visitors and readers to this site, are encouraged to help us in this effort. We also encourage all of you to become agents of change in your local areas on behalf of our veterans who are presently homeless.

Sign a petition to the Secretary of Veteran Affairs and “encourage” him to pass and fund the necessary programs to help end this issue. Tell them that you want the VA to be funded properly and that you would like to see the VA redouble its commitment to the health and well-being of all of our veterans.

We thank all of our visitors to this site for their interest in our veterans and active duty military. You are their champions. You know what they have sacrificed.

Thank you for your concern and for your help.

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