Gary Sinise Gave An Army Vet That Lost His Legs A New Home

When you join the military, you are putting aside your life for the benefit of your country. Many people who join the military love the life that they lead but there are times when it may require some sacrifice.

Nobody knows about the sacrifice better than Caleb Brewer. The U.S. Army Reserves veteran from Tucson, Arizona, enlisted back in 2005. He was a Green Beret by 2012, but the Sergeant 1st class got deployed to Afghanistan in 2015 and his life took a turn at that point.

Brewer stepped on a bomb while he was in Afghanistan. He was able to come away from it with his life but his injuries included infections, blood clots, and a brain injury.

In 2016, Brewer retired and came back to the United States. His life, however, would be much more difficult. After all, he lost both of his legs as a result of the injuries that he sustained in Afghanistan. Suddenly, he was learning to live life without legs.

Although Brewer did what he could to get through the rehabilitation program, it was not an easy road. He was walking with prosthetic legs before long, and he continued to push forward with his physical fitness exercises. He even ended up helping other people who suffered from wartime injuries and taught them how to stay healthy, despite the issues they were facing.

That is where actor Gary Sinise comes in. More than likely, you know about him from the movie Forrest Gump. He played Lieutenant Dan, but he is much more than simply an actor. It was playing in the movie that introduced him to what happens with those wartime injuries. Now he is passionate about helping wounded soldiers and he has been doing so since the 1970s.

When Sinise contacted Brewer and told him to apply for Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment (RISE), it was with something in mind.

Gary Sinise has a foundation that is named after his personal name that he started in 2011. It is there to support military families and RISE provides special homes and vehicles to those who have been wounded in combat.

After applying for RISE, Brewer was accepted into the program and found himself with a fully customized smart home. It had everything that he needed to live life, from a heated bathroom seat to wheelchair height shelves that pull down. The house was made specifically for Brewer.

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