Veteran Who Used To Live In A Truck Receives A Mortgage-Free Home

“Building Homes for Heroes” is a nonprofit organization that helps US veterans in very special ways. They recently showed just how special it can be when they supplied a mortgage-free home for U.S. Army Specialist Ricardo Arreola.

In 2009, Arreola was serving in Afghanistan and his unit was attacked. Automatic gunfire and a grenade were used in the attack, resulting in Arreola being wounded.

Thanks to the help of that nonprofit organization, Arreola is now in a safe and comfortable location. They provided a four-bedroom home, valued at $275,000 to help the veteran, who suffers from a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, nerve damage, and PTSD.

At one point, Arreola was living in his truck, so the house is very special to him. He is also happy that his three teenage children will be living in their own bedrooms.

“I was stunned, just stunned at how amazing when people get together how they can create such beauty,” Arreola said according to News4Jax. “Having my own room, having my own space is just something that I haven’t been able to just enjoy for myself, and now my kids have their own free space.”

Although it is quite a gift, Arreola realizes that most veterans don’t get the assistance needed. He said that he will not take the gift for granted.

“People won’t understand it unless you’re in their shoes, and I’m sure there’s people out there that are in my shoes, other veterans, and I hope they can come out and we can communicate cause, you know, they’re not alone,” he said to the outlet.

Building Homes for Heroes has been busy since 2006, giving away 200 homes without mortgages to veterans and their families.

Kim Valdyke, director of construction for Building Homes for Heroes, had the following to say according to News4Jax: “They have to pay their utility bills and cable bills and cellphone bills, but they will never have rent or mortgage again.”

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