Veteran Carries Fellow Marine Up Mountain After He Lost His Legs To A Bomb

We all know that soldiers have a close connection, especially if they serve in combat together. Nobody knows this better than John Nelson and Jonathan Blank. They served together in Afghanistan in 2010.

According to NBC News, during that tour of duty, Blank took a misstep and an explosive blew up next to them. He said that everything just went white and called it an instant knockout.

Photo: YouTube/NBC News

Nelson was there immediately to stop the bleeding and save his life. Blank was thankful and he ended up coming home and trying to get his life back together again. Unfortunately, he had to do so without his legs.

When he left the military, he suffered from PTSD and really struggled to get by. After moving to Utah, he tried to keep his physical activity up and although he was missing his legs, he continued to do everything he possibly could. A lot of it included the outdoors, but he couldn’t do everything.

Over the years, Nelson and Blank remained very close to each other. They referred to each other as being like a band of brothers. When they were passing by Mount Timpanogos in 2019, Blank told his buddy about a dream he had to climb the mountain.

Photo: YouTube/NBC News

Not long after, Nelson came back to pick up his friend. They spent a day and a half walking 14 miles to the top of that mountain. All the while, Nelson was carrying his friend on his back.

As they hiked, they decided to keep going, and next they climbed Mount Whitney.

Mount Whitney is the highest mountain in the contiguous United States at 14,505 feet. There’s no way that they could have accomplished this on their own but they did have friends and other veterans that stepped in to help with the two-mile hike.

Photo: YouTube/NBC News

They started the hike at three in the morning and they all pulled together in order to make the journey. Eventually, 16 hours later, they reached the summit of Mount Whitney.

Blank couldn’t be happier, letting them know how happy he was to have them in his life and telling everyone that he loved them. It’s something that has to be seen to be truly appreciated, and you can see it in this video:

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