Based On His Reaction, I Think That She Was the Last Person He Expected to See At Midfield!

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If you were to ask an average American what a normal Friday is like in the fall, their answer would probably include these four words: High School Football Game!

Some of our favorite memories are associated with high school football: either being in the stands with family and friends as your school won the homecoming game or, for a few of us, being on the field and making an amazing catch, run or block that helped seal the game.

Unfortunately, parents who serve in our Armed Forces do not always get to be there when their child is playing the game. In some cases, their child is taking the field while they are fighting hard on the battlefield.

So when your mother, who has been serving in Afghanistan, returns home to see you play football, you’re going to make a big deal out of it…right? Well, at this game, everyone decided to surprise one of the players by having his mom, who had return from Afghanistan, meet him at the coin toss of a football game!

Needless to say, her son didn’t seem to mind at all.

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