Why Is This Branch Of The U.S. Army Rarely Discussed?

We have all read stories about the heroism of military dogs and their handlers. They have been a very important component to the safety and the fighting capabilities of the battlefield for a long time.

But most of us have probably never thought about the fact that there is a highly trained and skilled corps of people in the U.S. Army dedicated to their health, their well being, and to caring for them when they are wounded.

The Veterans Site wishes to honor the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps doctors and technicians who have dedicated their skills and know-how to serving the needs of our military working animals. The men and women who depend on those animals know how important your services are to the combat readiness of the units in the field. You are unsung heroes. We thank you for your service.

This video will give you a great sense of the expertise of our modern Army Veterinary Corps.

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