Watch A Naval Ship Make Its First Splash

Most of us have never seen a ship launching. This video gives an impressive set of views of the launching of the U.S. Navy’s newest littoral combat ship on Sept. 17, 2016.

Watch as a novelist who sponsored the ship’s launching breaks the bottle of champagne on its bow and it begins its slide down the slips into the Menomenee River in Wisconsin.

As it slides into the water you can’t help but hold your breath as the huge ship heals to starboard and falls toward the element it was made for. As it hits the water it thrusts up heavy waves in the river then bobs back and forth getting her sea legs and her trim. It’s impressive.

The new ship has been christened the USS Wichita. It is the 13th littoral combat ship to be launched, and cost $360 million to build. Like the other littoral combat ships now serving, it can operate up close to coastlines. Its capabilities include: mine clearing, anti-submarine, and anti-surface warfare.

And after the launchings comes the sea trials.

The next short video shows what the sea trials and testing stage of a new ship looks like.

The USS Detroit, the immediate sister ship to the USS Wichita, is also a littoral combat ship. It’s the 12th to be launched. It shows the next stage in a new ship’s life.

These littoral combat ships are truly a new breed. They can operate in as little as 14 feet of water and can carry out a variety of missions.

The Veterans Site wishes this new ship and her crew “Fair Winds and Following Seas” as it undertakes its duties in defense of the nation.

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